Salient Features

Electric lawn mower is manufactured by M/s.United industries, Coimbatore with quality and reliability for grass cutting purpose. The consumption of electric power is nominal. It is built with a tough MS body to withstand  rough use. Cutting height adjustment is simple. Just by loosening the side nuts and by rotating the hand wheel on top of the Lawn Mover the depth of the cut is adjustable upto 21/2”.

There are 2 models of lawn movers 1 hp and 2 hp.
It works on 230 volts single phase.

The method of operating the equipment is very simple. Just to fix the plug in the electric connection, switch it on and push the machine in the lawn. The blade is well shielded, thus eliminating any kind of hazard to the operator. The blade height can also be adjusted to attain the required grass height. The sturdy insulated handle helps convenient manouvering. The whole body is mounted on four solid wheels to give exertion free moving manoeuverability. The equipment is also provided with a plastic basket which is used for collecting the waste grass. The lawn mover has been designed lighter to facilitate easy handling and transportation. The handle can be detached to load in a small car.


If the grass is very tough and high, raise the blade to the highest position and give a gradual cutting first and then lower the blade in final cutting. There is chance for getting the machine stuck in the blade body while cutting thick and tough grass, as a result the motor will not rotate and hence in such case, switch off the motor immediately or otherwise the motor will get burnt.

Again to put into operation of the machine , first checkup whether the grass is completely removed from the blade and then switch on the motor.